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We recommend measuring your pet prior to placing your order


Bandanas (to fit neck size)

Extra small: up to 25cm

Small: up to 31cm

Medium: up to 41cm

Large: up to 53cm

Extra large: up to 58cm

Our ambassadors wear bandanas:

Mini Schnauzer: S

Cavoodle: M

French Bulldog: M

Staffy: L or XL

Our neck sizes are inclusive of 2cm allowance for collar, harness or fluff. 

Please contact us should you have any queries regarding sizes.


Small: Neck (up to 23cm), Length (up to 26cm), Chest (up to 33cm)

Medium: Neck (up to 26cm), Length (up to 31cm), Chest (up to 41cm)

Large: Neck (up to 31cm), Length (up to 36cm), Chest (up to 46cm)

X-large: Neck (up to 33cm), Length (up to 41cm), Chest (up to 51cm)


Small: Neck ( 30cm), Length (30cm), Chest (46cm)

Medium: Neck (33cm), Length (36cm), Chest (50cm)

Large: Neck (38cm), Length (40cm), Chest (53cm)

Extra Large: Neck (40cm), Length (45cm), Chest (58cm)

Double Extra Large: Neck (45cm), Length (50cm), Chest (68cm)

Note: we recommend extra small sizes for new puppies or very small dogs.

Our boss dog Ricky Mendez is a Schnapso Cross (Mini Schnauzer & Lhasa apso) and wears medium. His measurements are: neck (28cm), length (31cm), chest (41cm)


Pets come in all sizes and shapes, so the best way to find your pet size is to go by their measurements.

Neck: for bandanas, please measure the "upper neck". Please use the same concept for measuring a collar allowing two fingers between the garment and the neck of your pet.

Length: the length of a t-shirt is about preference, just ensure you cover the core of your pet.

Chest: Wrap your measuring tape around your pet's torso, usually right behind the armpits of the front legs.